Hole Lang Syne – the beer for New Years


Rabbit Hole Brewing will release a beer specifically geared for New Years called Hole Lang Syne (a play on the New Year’s song, “Auld Lang Syne”) mid-December in a very limited release fashion with part of the batch going into kegs for draft accounts and part of the batch going into our very first bottles.  There will be 608 individually numbered and hand-bottled 750ml bottles going out to Dallas/Ft Worth retailers and the rest on draft going out to area DFW bars and restaurants.

Description of Hole Lang Syne:  New Year’s Eve is always a special time of year, and deserves a special libation to celebrate the turning of the calendar. Rabbit Hole Brewing’s Hole Lang Syne is a Belgian Golden Strong Ale brewed with Raspberries and Blackberries, a big and complex beer designed to do just that. This golden strong ale is characterized by a soft, delicate malt flavor, noble hops, and a complex combination of fruit esters and spicy phenolics derived from an historic Belgian yeast strain. A smooth alcohol warmth follows the complementary raspberry and blackberry additions that give this golden strong a slight tartness—a unique spin on the traditional style. When the clock reaches midnight this New Year’s Eve, be sure to ring in 2015 with a toast of Hole Lang Syne.

Style: Belgian Golden Strong Ale with Blackberries & Raspberries

Abv: 10%

IBU: 32

Grain: Pilsner and Vienna Malt with some Belgian Candi Syrup

Hops: Target, Perle and Saaz

Availability: Very Limited Release (one batch) / Season of Delirium

Hole Lang Syne glass with bottle


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