ALS Ice Bucket Challenge(s)


2014 has been a great year for raising money and awareness for ALS through the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Rabbit Hole Brewing got involved with this as well.  It all started with Tait Lifto getting called out by Melissa Peticolas and accepting the challenge at the brewery with some assistance and a forklift.  Dallas Morning News also ran a “Top 5 notable North Texas ALS Ice Bucket Challenges” and listed Tait alongside George W Bush, Troy Aikman and Selena Gomez (article at

VIDEO: Tait Lifto takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Then, the founders of Rabbit Hole Brewing accepted Tait’s challenge, calmly sitting at a table at the brewery drinking a beer.  In this video, founders Matt Morriss, Tom Anderson and Laron Cheek challenge all the Rabbit Hole Brewing fans to come to the brewery and get bucketed for charity.

VIDEO: RHB Founders accept and issue ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On Saturday August 23, 2014 our mavens of the curious accepted our challenge to them and got ice bucketed at the brewery during the tour to raise money.  We also had some special guests including Tanner Hockensmith, the president of the Texas chapter of ALS (, the mayor and mayor pro-tem of Justin TX and more.

VIDEO: RHB Fans take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at the brewery

And finally, Alice herself (from Alice in Wonderland fame) joined in, accepting the challenge:

VIDEO: “Alice” takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at RHB

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