Lenticular Filter

We just added a shiny piece of equipment to the brewery: a lenticular filter.  This filter will help our beer last longer (be more shelf-stable) and clear it up a bit, plus save time on some of our brews. We installed the filter right on tank-row close to the brite tank as beer is filtered during transfer from fermentation to brite.  Here is a picture of our new shiny filter (click on image to see larger):

Lenticular Filter at Rabbit Hole Brewing

The first brew to go through the filter was our last batch of Mike Modano’s 561 (@9modano) – I grabbed a photo of 561 in a 561 glass in front of the filter to show you what it looks like now as well as a picture of 561 at The Truck Yard (click on images to see larger):

Mike Modano's 561 after filtration in front of filter at Rabbit Hole Brewing in Justin TX  Mike Modano's 561 that has been filtered - shown at The Truck Yard in Dallas

What does Mike Modano’s 561 taste like now?  Well, it’s basically the same beer but the filter does take out some more of the yeast that doesn’t drop out during lagering (and saves about 2 weeks per batch of 561 brewed, too).  In fact, some people have confused this authentically produced beer as “too hoppy” due to that slight bitterness, but a Kolsch-style brewed as authentically as possible utilizes specific yeasts that are ancestors of the yeast found in the wild in Cologne Germany.  Instead of Americanizing our Kolsch-style, we went for authenticity – the filter helps to clean up some of the extra bitterness and thus should be even more popular with everyone than it already is.  Even if you’ve tried Mike Modano’s 561 in the past, we encourage you to try it again and note the subtle differences as we’ve continued to add equipment designed to ever-improve on our overall quality. -Tait Lifto, Chief Sales Sensei, Rabbit Hole Brewing

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